Hi all! Yes, the girl in the picture above is me, Kate. I am smiling at you because there’s literally no reason not to be 🙂 Everything difficult can be overcome – and that’s what I believe in.

Just like you, I’ve faced much stress on my educational path throughout high school and college. I am still completing my Marketing Diploma program at a college in Toronto, Canada. The nature of my studies implies having a lot of diverse subjects with hard content to manage at the same time. So doing that and working part-time, alongside fulfilling multiple other responsibilities outside school/work life, has always been difficult to handle, but I guess I’m doing well in that considering my high GPA, success at work, and multiple tasty dishes I make regularly that my boyfriend adores hehehe

If somebody asked me what my interests are, the first thing coming to my mind would be studying. It is, indeed, the very thing I do well and feel comfortable doing. So I want to assure you, Reader, that whoever you are – an introvert or an extrovert – you can always find the right techniques for yourself with which you can tackle the hardships of studying. Been there, man.

I am not an expert writer, neither I am a professional in academics, but I have a deep understanding of what students feel and undergo during this long and complex period of their life – receiving education. So follow along and share your experiences – I am happy to read your stories and talk to you!