3 Great Task Management Apps | Google Calendar, Wunderlist, Habitica

If you are struggling with organizing and remembering all the tasks, assignments, meetings, events, and plans in your head and on paper, and are looking for a convenient and effective (!) way of doing that all, just like I was, then you're reading the right post.


4 Helpers in Studying Under Time Pressure

We all know how stressful it can be to work non-stop counting down hours till the due submission time, drinking coffee and energy drinks, trying to just dump in as much information as possible - because well, the time to put in some quality work is gone. We get distracted easily as mind can't concentrate always being interrupted with the fear of running out of time, and we get annoyed too. In order to get fully concentrated and the most productive at such times, you need to implement all the techniques in a complex.

5 Reasons to Being Organized | Intro to Success Journey

Not bragging here, but in fact I’ve faced the same difficulties and understand how hard (but extremely exciting!) it is when your life is full of diverse things. Because of it, I want to help you be more organized and more confident in how you perform. The reason to it is that in the long run, it will help you grow – personally and professionally.